Kamereon Brings Rooms to Life.

Intelligent KNX switch sets new standards in design and functionality.

Hamburg, July 2014. This summer is going to be hot: dakanimo brings a switch onto the market in the sector of KNX-based, intelligent building technology which sets new standards in design and functionality. With its classy and powerful “kamereon” switch, the Hamburg-based company presents its first product and positions itself in the luxury brand segment. By combining proven technology and unique control elements, the switch opens up the possibility of creating entirely new room experiences.

Luxury Living for Smart Rooms
“kamereon is handmade,” says Dr. Sven Bär, owner and CEO of dakanimo GmbH. In the basic colors “snowcap white” and “lacquered piano black”, it is either integrated in purist and modern unobtrusive form into the intelligent room, or it has a striking and highly characteristic effect on the ambience. In the spirit of a manufactory, the switch can be made into a unique piece through self-selected background designs or through special optics, such as gold leaf. The operation of the switch is intuitive and uses all of your senses. Vibration, a clicking sound and luminous LED colored surfaces provide a sensory, acoustic and visual feedback. Not only is the room brought to life, the switch itself also actively communicates: It is alive and interactive.

kamereon does a lot more:
Due to the self-selected RGB color surfaces which light up the switch, each switch has a different effect. The understated design object is brightly colored and visibly present when in action, and it can change its colors like a real chameleon. The switch may have a blue glow at night, or it may change from green to red after the surface has been touched. Or it just douses the nursery in pink hues. In combination with the basic optics of the switch, the world of colors takes on crucial characteristics.
Numerous other functions give the switch its individual character so that it fits the
owner’s personality exactly. The “Clean” function ensures that the keys remain locked when cleaning the surface: there is no unwanted triggering of any functions.

The optional Braille printing from abrasion-resistant special paint also guides severely visually impaired users along the surface toward the respective buttons.

There are optional icons available to label the various buttons. In the master mode, the switch changes to a full-scale, simple operation. The switch then executes the same command on all surfaces: on/off, bright/dark. This channels and simplifies the bus system.

The KNX technology is considered the world’s largest bus system which has been on the market for over 20 years. This guarantees the integrity and safety of investments. The aim of the KNX system is to create one comfortable and energy efficient environment for people that easily adapts to individual needs.

Made in Germany
dakanimo is proud that its name stands for products which are handmade and produced in Germany. The raw materials are carefully and personally selected by the staff. The surfaces of the products are manufactured by masters of their craft. All of these measures reveal one part of the brand philosophy: to act responsibly and respectfully towards the world.

Founded in 2014, dakanimo GmbH develops high-end design objects in KNX technology for intelligent buildings. The portfolio is aimed at people who demand sophisticated designs of their environment without giving up on functionality. Developed and produced in Germany, the products stand for the conviction that a high standard of aesthetics and performance guarantees maximum quality. The intuitive operating comfort integrates well into the user’s habitat. dakanimo brings joy to luxury
enthusiasts, individualists, trendsetters and design aficionados because the products of dakanimo GmbH will make life better, safer, and easier for everyone involved.

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