4Channel, Intelligent LED Driver

Code Mercenaries introduces a 4 channel, intelligent, and programmable LED driver.

LED-Warrior04 has I2C, DMX512, and DALI interfaces. Bluetooth LE can be added with a piggyback module.

The LED-Warrior04 offers high flexibility. For each of the four channels the forward current and brightness of the LEDs can be individually and independently programmed. Current can be programmed from 200 mA to 1000 mA in steps of 5 mA. Brightness is controlled by internal 12 bit PWMs for each channel, allowing 4096 steps.

Programmability of the LED forward current enables the use of a single type of driver for a wide range of LEDs. The high resolution of the brightness control allows precise color mixing or calibration of multiple LED groups.

I2C, DMX512 and DALI are available for control of the four channels. The I2C interface also allows programming the LED-Warrior04 for stand alone operation.

The I2C interface may be used for service to recalibrate already installed units. Light scenarios can be programmed for stand alone operation, to run independent effects like fading or color change. LED-Warrior04 operates with DC input from 7 V to 32 V and drives up to 4 x 25 W to the connected LEDs at up to 94% efficiency

Technical data
• DALI to PWM controller
• According to DIN EN 62386-101/-102/-207
• All protocol elements implemented
• PWM output at 500 Hz
• PWM dimming from 0.1 % to 100 %
• PWM power output on LW07-02MOD, up to 4 A
• Logarithmic and linear dimming curves
• Available as module or DIL8/SOIC8 chip

About us and our products
Code Mercenaries is a supplier for the industrial input devices and peripheral manufacturers since 1998. In 2008 Code Mercenaries started to develop and manufacture products for LED lighting applications. Our design philosophy for LED lighting drivers is to deliver maximum efficiency and maximum life cycle to enable the potential of modern LED technology. The keyboard and combined keyboard/mouse controller family KeyWarrior, and the mouse controller family MouseWarrior serve as basis for a large number of industrial input devices. A small but vital customer base are the manufacturers of products for the disability market and other speciality input devices.

The joystick controller family JoyWarrior serves a broad range of customers from industrial machine/vision control, professional and semiprofessional simulator control, to hobby and model building. A good option for front panel design are the joystick/mouse hybrid controllers MW24J8 and MW24H8 which are switch selectable to work as a mouse or joystick allowing both cursor control and data input via a joystick.

JoyWarrior24F8 is a low cost three axis acceleration sensor. With its small size and simple connection via a USB interface it opens a lot of new application options. The MouseWarrior24F8 variant of this sensor is a mouse replacement that needs no surface for operation. Applications for the IO-Warrior universal USB I/O controllers are very diverse. Basically only the number of pins and the data rate limits the use of IO-Warrior.

It is used in laboratory setups, test equipment as well as in hobby projects or full scale device production either as the core of a device or "just" the interface to USB. IO-Warrior chips control robots and telescopes, do quality control on production lines, take measurements in labs, control switches and displays in front panels or simulator cockpits, or work as the USB interface in many kinds of products.

SpinWarrior is a family of rotary encoder controllers with USB interface. Various models allow from 3 to 6 encoders to be connected to the USB and are suitable for motion control, measurement or human interfacing applications.

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