HUNT Dimming Announces Simplicity® PhotoSlide™ Lighting Controller

HUNT Dimming, the Fort Collins, CO-based manufacturer of lighting products, has launched the Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller, which combines manual dimming and daylight harvesting control in a single wall-mounted device. The versatile slide controller allows users to switch (ON/OFF) or dim (continuous raise/lower without flicker from full output to five percent) both fluorescent and LED lighting, with a choice of 120V or 277V power supply and single-pole or three-way configuration. Additionally, an onboard light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy consumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. Ideal for any space receiving ample daylight and requiring manual control, from classrooms to private offices, the PhotoSlide™ offers opportunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. As a low-voltage control device, the PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring. Up to 50 dimmable ballast-driven light fixtures can be connected to a single controller.

For more information, call (970) 484-9048 or visit HUNT Dimming Innovative Dimming Systems for Daylighting, LED Controllers and Wallbox Dimmers HUNT Dimming Dimming. It’s all we do. Since 1960. HUNT Dimming HUNT's 12 circuit rack is the industry's smallest, lightest-weight, convection-cooled dimming panel. HUNT Dimming proudly celebrates its golden anniversary in 2010. This represents 50 years of manufacturing innovative architectural dimming systems, LED controllers and wallbox dimmers!

The company manufactures a full-line of dimming solutions that are flexible in design to accommodate specifier, contractor and owner needs: state-of-the-art Simplicity® Series digital systems that answer the most demanding of architectural and energy management needs, including sophisticated closed-loop daylighting applications; simple-to-use, easy-to-understand analog slides that satisfy clients with more basic dimming needs; small, high-power, modular “mini-systems” that provide great value where single-point-of-control is all that is required; our industry leading Simplicity® LED Controllers which provide infinitely variable control for state-of-the-art LED drivers and lamps, and more than 200 specialty and hard-to-find wallbox dimmers that are kept in stock and shipped same day.


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