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Light, Design, Charisma – this was OPTOLED LIGHTING´s motto at this year´s world´s leading trade fair for light and architecture, where they are presented inspirational work from the fields of LED-technology, control technology, light surfaces and luminaires.

The new, sideways light emitting high aperture LED-strip with approx. 1,990 lumens per meter complements OPTOLED LIGHTING’s successful product line of flexible strips: optoFLEXLIGHT® sideLED WEISS makes "retracing" of objects possible with a forward-facing light. This LED-strip is as yet unique, in terms of market specifications and luminosity, allows for the implementation of innovative luminaire designs, especially for lighting manufacturers. With a total length of 3.9m, it is only nine millimeters wide and separable in 60 segments of 65 millimeters each.

The optoFLEXLIGHT® LUCIDE WW-WDL LED-strip offers "tunable white" at the highest level, and is made by the German manufacturer of flexible LED-strips. From 2,700K to 6,500K, color temperature is infinitely variable; lighting solutions ranging from 3,000K to 5,000K or from 4,000K to 6,500K are also possible. In terms of the strip´s technical specifications, OPTOLED LIGHTING is ready to meet the individual needs of every customer.

With luminosity of up to 4,000 lumens per meter, the LED-strip offers daylight dependent solutions for general lighting for the increase of well-being, both in a healthcare setting, and in a modern working day. OptoFLEXLIGHT® LUCIDE is binned according to MacAdam Step 3 and has a color rendition value of greater than 85.

The new optoFLEXLIGHT® VERNICE LED-strip also shows compelling light quality with a color rendition value of Ra greater than 90. This flexible LED-strip is available in a color temperature of 3,000K and provides almost perfect color-fast lighting solutions for use in shop lighting. It has a length of 3,900 millimeters and is separable in 60 segments of 65 millimeters each. With approx. 1,710 lumens per meter, optoFLEXLIGHT® VERNICE shows luminosity at the highest level.

As a partner of the Austrian manufacturer of high-quality light management systems BILTON®, OPTOLED LIGHTING exhibits control technology in all signal variants at light + building. In future, BILTON integrates power supply units directly into controllers, using the respective controls from the SXT series. In this way, light management becomes arranged in a much clearer way,as not every controller needs to be connected to a power supply unit. Light meets surface. Unter these conditions, OPTOLED LIGHTING combines high-quality LED technology with innovative light guide technology and exceptional materials like cloths, metals or grasses.

With this combination, fascinating design elements for unusual interior design or brilliant area lights for ceilings, walls and floors are created. For the equipping of lighting elements, OPTOLED LIGHTING responds to customer’s wishes, depending on purpose and field of application. Solutions are available in luminous color white and RGB color change, from accent lighting to general lighting. The same applies to vault lighting with LEDs. At this year´s light+building trade fair, OPTOLED LIGHTING presents the current profiles for indirect lighting solutions which can be equipped with different LED-strips from the optoFLEXLIGHT® and wioFLEX® product lines, depending on desired effect and luminosity.

New features include flexible profiles for open spaces with round contours. Parallel to already established drylining profiles, existing drywall construction is complemented with flexible profiles for ceilings, walls or floors. LIGHT, DESIGN, CHARISMA: OPTOLED LIGHTING´s current slogan for this year´s light+building trade fair manifests in the accomplishment of a new area of our business: avant-garde lighting. What this means will be revealed by OPTOLED LIGHTING for the first time at the world´s leading trade fair for light and architecture.


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