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Paulmann is one of the leading manufacturers in the lighting industry

Convenient lighting control with a WLAN app for the home With the "P Lighting" lighting control from Paulmann, lighting fans can use a single touchscreen to surf, switch, and dim throughout the house and light up whole rooms as desired. Use the app to conveniently control the various lighting effects in and around the house while simultaneously benefiting from synergies between comfort, safety and energy savings. With a range of 100 metres, the "P Lighting App" allows you to plan individual light configurations in or around the house.

You can use it to create individual lighting scenes for receiving guests, for practical activities and to provide a reliable security lighting for different rooms. Holidaymakers can easily switch individual lights on and off remotely to ward off possible burglars. It's also possible to switch off all lights at once using the app, thereby saving energy.

Dim the light to fit your mood Everyone knows you can turn a dimmer to make a light brighter or darker. Now there's a bulb where you can dim the colour of the light too. Switch seamlessly between warm white or gold light tones as the mood takes you and change the atmosphere at home. The reason for this is the luminous colour or colour temperature. It is indicated in the unit Kelvin (K) and describes whether the white light is either a more warm yellow or a cold blue.

The new Paulmann "Warmdimm" bulb contains an amber-coloured LED chip on the inside which enables unique, seamless dimming of the luminous colour between 2,000 kelvin (gold light) and 3,000 kelvin (warm white light). "Warmdimm" in the general purpose bulb design has a standard E27 socket, can be screwed into a wide variety of lamps and used with most standard dimmers. Solar lights provide special effects in the garden without the need for cables Only the right lighting can make a house a home.

This is just as true under the open skies as it is in the living room. Even when the sun has departed, many people like to spend warm summer evenings on the terrace - but without having to sit in complete darkness. Anyone who neglected to provide sufficient light sources when designing their garden can easily make up for it with solar-powered models. And what's especially handy: the models don't need cables and thanks to LED technology they're also efficient and long-lasting. Light up dark corners around your garden, mark the path from the garage to the house or bathe the terrace in enchanting light: solar lights from Paulmann are versatile and quick to install - especially if the house and cabling are somewhat further away.

LED light in profiles on the wall, ceiling, in the floor or on furniture With light profiles you can emphasise walls, ceilings or even the floor in a special way. The indirect light from LED strips inside the profiles is diffuse, doesn't glare, casts almost no shadow and is distributed evenly in the room. The "Corner Profil" for the ceiling illuminates walls indirectly in combination with LED strips.

The new ceiling profile made of plastic in a classic concave shape suits both modern ambiences and antique furnishings. It can be painted in any living space colour and can be wallpapered over. The "Floor Profil" creates light accents on the ground.

The recessed profile creates attractive lighting effects on the ground, for example at intersections. "Floor Profil" made of aluminium with a plastic diffuser is also suitable as an orientation or guide light in shadow or danger zones.

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