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The wall luminaire APP perfectly balances optimal light quality with maximum individual creative freedom and cutting-edge LED technology. The result is a transparent cuboid made of acrylic glass, which contains two circuit boards with mid-power LEDs emitting even light primarily upwards and down-wards.

The square front is available in opaque white, matt-finish colors, geometrical pyramid structures and mirrors. The double-layered surface can even be customized by integrating personal prints and fonts. APP is particularly effective set up in a row or as an architectural wall arrangement. APP is fitted to an aluminum block, which contains the LED driver and provides the necessary cooling.

Two versions are available, with different levels of power: 17W with an inverse phase control dimmer or a 23W version controllable via a 1-10V interface, which depending on the tone of the light emit up to 2,300 lumens of light output. Available from the fourth quarter 2014. CENTRAL - Design Formfjord As a new interpretation of the classic gooseneck lamp, CENTRAL unifies elegant design with maximum functionality and flexibility.

With a height of over two meters in end position, CENTRAL is a true eye-catcher while staying true to its appealing lightness of form. CENTRALís special feature is its delicate arm made of brushed stainless steel that can be easily adjusted in height and width to fit any room setup. The asymmetrical fixture on the floor plate, two soft bends in the arching tube and a circular light seam on the aluminum lampshade add a modern edge. As a height-adjustable pendant luminaire, CENTRAL Suspension is suitable for an even wider range of interior situations.

An E27 bulb socket allows the usage of any conventional light bulb as well as an LED. The light can be dimmed via a small rod on the luminaire head. Fitted with a digitalSTROM chip, CENTRAL can be easily integrated in smart home systems. Available from the fourth quarter of 2014.


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